Samuel Abdelmessih

Consulting Associate

Cairo, Egypt
PwC Middle East

Meet Samuel Abdelmessih, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a MS in Engineering Management at Arizona State University​.

“Joining Arizona State University as Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation scholar was a great chance for more development and giving back to our community. The Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation has a mission and vision for youth people that are supported by their actions and generous scholarships in different fields.”

Samuel graduated from Arizona State University in 2021. Currently, he is employed as a Consulting Associate at PwC Middle East in Cairo, Egypt.

“Giving back is a sustainable mission for every human who already is taking from others. It is a cycle and loop to sustain our humanity and our life. I believe giving back makes me understand myself in order to find my goals clearly and enjoy the journey of my life with others.”