Osamah Alnakhebi

Engineering Development Manager

Saudi Arabia
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Air Conditioning Manufacturing Company

Meet Osamah Alnakhebi, an AGF scholar from Yemen who pursued a MS in Engineering Management at Arizona State University.

“The AGFE Scholarship program has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams of higher education, it really helped me to be a better engineer. I am confident that this degree will help me to advance my career and move into a more senior position within my organization. The skills I have gained through this program will allow me to be a successful manager and help my organization to grow and succeed.”

Osamah graduated from Arizona State University in 2023, and currently he is employed as an Engineering Development Manager at Saudi Airconditioning Manufacturing Company in Saudi Arabia.

“As an AGFE alumnus, I aim to give back to Arab youth by guiding them through their professional lives and providing them with knowledge and wisdom.”