Mosab Abu Hammad

Procurement Officer

Amman, Jordan
Fine Hygienic Paper Co

Meet Mosab Abu Hammad, an AGF scholar from Jordan who pursued a MS in Engineering Management at Arizona State University.

“The AGF scholarship has been a life-changing opportunity for me, providing financial support and enabling me to pursue my education without any financial burden. It has not only relieved me of financial stress but also motivated me to excel in my studies and make the most of the educational opportunities available to me.”

Mosab graduated from Arizona State University in 2023, and currently he is employed as a Procurement Officer at Fine Hygienic Paper Co in Amman, Jordan.

“At the start of my alumni journey, ‘giving back’ means using my knowledge, experiences, and resources to positively impact the lives of others. It is about leveraging the opportunities and privileges I have received through the AGF scholarship to empower and uplift individuals and communities in need. Whether it is through mentorship, volunteering, or supporting educational initiatives, ‘giving back’ is my commitment to making a difference and creating opportunities for others to thrive and succeed.”