Mohammad Al Mahfadi

Business Transformation Senior Analyst

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Meet Mohammad Al Mahfadi, and AGF scholar from Yemen who pursued a MS in Systems Engineering at Arizona State University​.

“In the mirror of academia, I found a reflection of relentless potential, magnified by AGF faith in me. I transformed from a hopeful student to an empowered professional, weaving my memories into a tapestry of triumphs and lessons. As an AGF alumnus, I carry the fervor of my scholarship journey as my compass, navigating towards a future abundant with innovation and impact.”

Mohammad graduated from Arizona State University in 2023, and currently he is employed as a Business Transformation Senior Analyst at Accenture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“My definition of ‘giving back’ extends beyond monetary contributions – it’s about investing my time and effort to mentor, to inspire, to create ripples of change in our community. It’s about harnessing the strength of my network to create opportunities for others, about using my voice to amplify the unheard stories within our ranks.”