Ayah Mohammad

Search Marketing Manager

Amman, Jordan

Meet Ayah Mohammad, an AGF scholar from Jordan who pursued a MS in Organizational Leadership at Arizona State University.

“The scholarship has provided not only financial support but also access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities that have been crucial in my development as a digital marketing leader. The AGFE scholarship has meant the world to me. It has enabled me to pursue higher education, enhance my skills, and advance in my career. It has relieved financial burdens, allowing me to fully focus on my studies and professional growth. The scholarship has also provided a supportive community of scholars and mentors, fostering lifelong connections and support.”

Ayah graduated from Arizona State University in 2023, and currently she is employed as a Search Marketing Manager at EverConnect in Amman, Jordan.

“As a digital marketing manager with a major in organizational leadership from Arizona State University and an AGFE scholar, my professional goals are to drive innovative digital marketing strategies, lead my team to achieve exceptional results, and make a positive impact in my field.”