Amera Elgohary

Team Leader

Cairo, Egypt
Beacon Fintrain

Meet Amera Elgohary, an AGF scholar from Egypt who pursued a MS in Learning Design and Technologies at Arizona State University.

“The AGFE scholarship has been a life-changing opportunity, providing financial support for higher education, connecting me with a supportive network, and instilling in me a sense of gratitude and a desire to give back.”

Amera graduated from Arizona State University in 2023, and currently she is employed as a Team Leader at Beacon Fintrain in Egypt.

“The term: ‘giving back’ means actively contributing to the betterment of others and creating a positive impact in their lives. It involves sharing my knowledge, experiences, and resources to support and empower individuals or communities in need. Whether through mentorship, volunteering, or philanthropic efforts, giving back is a way for me to express gratitude for the opportunities I have received and to inspire and uplift others on their own paths to success.”