In its second round the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund allocates 32M AED


  • The Fund will award 10 grants to organizations in Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates reaching 10,000 youth in secondary and vocational education
  • The grants are focused on helping youth complete high school and improve their chances of securing jobs through new certifications required in the job market

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - June 20, 2019: On the occasion of World Refugee Day, His Excellency Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Emirati businessman and philanthropist, announced the second round of the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund.

The competitive grant process garnered significant interest with 65 organizations submitting proposals, highlighting the urgency of supporting refugee education programs in the region. The second round aims to disburse 32M AED, expanding the reach to an additional 10,000 refugee students in Jordan and Lebanon and Arab children affected by wars and disasters residing in the United Arab Emirates. The first round reached more than 6,000 beneficiaries.

Speaking on the occasion, His Excellency Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair said “In the second round, we exceeded our expectations in the number of students we planned to reach. We focused specifically at the secondary and vocational levels, where we saw a great need. The selected programs illustrate the breadth of opportunities available in new vocational pathways that are relevant for the future of work. These programs will equip refugee youth   with the skills they need to adapt and succeed in the digital economy.”

The selected grantees will be announced prior to the start of the new school year. In the United Arab Emirates, the Fund will continue its partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent to support Arab children affected by wars and disasters residing in the country to pay for their school fees.


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