5 reasons why you should apply to a masters’ degree online at Arizona State University (ASU)


In this piece, learn why Arizona State University ranks as the most innovative university in the United States, and the 5 reasons why you should consider applying for their master's degrees online.

Have you ever considered applying for an online program but chose not to pursue it because you weren’t sure of its quality? Or, you were concerned about employers’ perceptions of online degrees? Or maybe you thought that online learning is too unconventional?

We reached out to ASU’s Phil Regier, University Dean for Educational Initiatives and CEO at EdPlus, and Leah Lommel, Assistant Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at EdPlus, to debunk some myths about online learning. They also explained why ASU ranks as the most innovative university in the United States, offering some of the most successful online master’s programs.

  1. ASU’s online degrees and on-campus degrees are of equal quality - There is no difference between ASU’s online and campus-based master’s programs in terms of the quality of content, curriculum, outcomes, measurements and rigor of the admission process. ASU’s online programs are developed internally by the research faculty and their content is regularly updated, reflecting the most up-to-date thinking in every discipline.

  2. You receive the same diploma as students studying on-campus - After completing your master’s program online at ASU, you will receive the same diploma as a student who studied on campus, a testament that both types of learning are equivalent.

  3. You have high quality interactions with professors and other students - ASU has developed several innovative tools to ensure that even if you are not physically on campus, you can still interact with your professors and classmates. These include a discussion board to post about course content, an online platform that mimics hallway conversations among students, and Pitch, an instant messaging platform that allows students to access classes, coaches, advisors, other scholars, and instructors at any time.

  4. You have a success coach to guide you throughout your journey - Whether on-campus or online, universities are known to be complex places to navigate. For this reason, ASU assigns all online master’s students a success coach who will guide them throughout their academic career to ensure they have someone to support them with their non-academic needs, such as adjusting to studying online, maintaining a work-life balance (especially if they are working and/or have other responsibilities), and planning for success beyond the degree.

  5. ASU’s online completion rates are some of the highest in the world - ASU takes pride in its high retention and graduation rates for its online master’s programs, with some of them around 90 percent or higher. This is due to both the rigorous admission process and the university’s efforts to provide students with the right tools and support they need to succeed. This success also translates to the workplace, where 87% of ASU graduates are getting jobs offers within 90 days of graduation.

Pursuing a master’s program online at ASU is a valuable opportunity to gain a high-quality education from anywhere you choose. Although previous online learning experience is not required to apply, this form of study requires maturity, discipline, and perseverance. For youth who are serious about developing themselves, but who are committed to their careers and cannot travel for various reasons, this may be just the right fit.

To watch the full video of the Q&A with Phil and Leah from ASU, click here.

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